Reviews of Particles Matter

1. Ollie Barret (UK Policy Advisor MOT at the British Department for Transport) wrote:

Particles Matter has been extremely useful in developing my understanding of the science and engineering behind diesel particulate filters (DPFs) and internal combustion engines more broadly. It’s significantly improved my grasp of the newly developed particle number (PN) testing method and the associated considerations and challenges – knowledge that I’ve gone on to share with colleagues in order to develop our own thinking in this policy area. Having the expertise of one of the individuals who originally helped to develop the testing protocol all compiled into one accessible and concise book has been extremely helpful, and I’d recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone interested in diesel vehicle emissions and PN testing. Thank you, Gerrit!


2. Dr. Andreas C.R.Mayer, Dipl.Ing. SAE fellow wrote:

„Particles Matter for health and global warming! A killing air contaminant and inevitable side effect of modern vehicle technology? 

Garrit Kadijk, the author of Particles Matter is not the man to just describe the problem and to complain this thread for humans all over the world but the engineer to put the solutions straight forward in place «to get a grip on particle filtration » and to advice his colleagues, the global community of us engineers in the language we commonly speak, how to do it by using the most modern metrology to detect these lung penetration nanoparticles, the number counters.

A wonderful support for an important transition to best available emission control »